Designed the main characters for this show as well as the pitch bible. I was the Art Director for Season 1 which aired on Disney Junior. Property of UYoung Media and Little Airplane Productions
 Created all the characters and artwork for this series for Toca TV. I also co-wrote and directed the two finished episodes. Property of Toca Boca
 I created the concept of the show "Hand & Foot" for Toca TV. I also wrote episodes, directed, and created all the artwork for the show.  Property of Toca Boca
What's The Weirdest Weirdos
 I was the Art Director and designer on the special "Domo Rocks!" with Little Airplane Productions for NHK. Owned by LAP and NHK
 Backgrounds and character design for the Wonder Pets special Land of Oz.  Property of Nick Jr.
  C heck out the Video!
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